Courage + Experimentation = Evolution!

  Almost a year ago, I started a drawing of trees on a wooden panel, and after 48 weeks of abandonment, I just mustered up the courage to experiment on it – and I’m super excited with the result! For as long as I can remember, I’ve drawn trees without leaves. Perhaps it was simply […]

Whisky Comparison

Another commission request for two portraits. Unless I’m on a path to certain insanity, my hope is that after years of drawing pets, I’m getting better. Even more so, that drawing the same reference twice, is actually the key to keeping fresh and growing in my own style. The second one always seems better…. but […]

Art Progression and Comparison

It started off as the usual pet portrait commission of a cat named Teacup. The same buyer then asked me for another, and another. That’s three in total, in the same medium and with the same reference. I pondered the sequential requests that night and weighed my thoughts out. Aside to a nagging belief that drawing […]

Six of Ten Most Endangered Species

I’ve written before about the heart-wrenching journey when I started drawing and researching Endangered Animals in 2013. It’s not over. Yesterday I read this article 10 Animal Species That Could Vanish in 2015 if We Don’t Act Now The animals listed are familiar to me. Not personally, as I have never had the honour of meeting a South China Tiger or […]

Charcoal Drawing Process

No matter how distracted I am, I suppose I always find peace in drawing with charcoal. It was the medium that I first fell deeply in love with, and it’s so versatile if you experiment with mixed media drawing surfaces. I’m grateful to still be in love and have a go-to medium I can always call ‘HOME’ if […]


I’ve been having a fabulous time drawing a lot of pet portraits since moving to The Beaches. Everyone has a dog here (even the cat lovers!) so now I know I will never, ever tire of drawing these incredible creatures! Commissioning a pet portrait can be personal, or a gift – and the time is now! […]

Sketchbook Project

The Sketchbook Project Team just updated me that my submission :: Magical Creatures ~ An exploration of imagination! (#S99150) has been favorited! This was one of my favourite projects, in concept and collaboration with The Sketchbook Project, and then simply for myself and my own growth as an illustrator. Seriously…I had totally forgotten about this little […]

Honey Bee

Since I started drawing Endangered Animals, there has been a decline. In the first few months of drawing and researching them, the Black Rhino was declared extinct. Not even a year later, and the news continues to reel in with desolate results. A report came out today : Honeybee Death Rate is Currently too High for Survival of […]